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Individual psychotherapy for adult women needing treatment for…

  • Anxiety

  • Boundaries externally with others and internally with yourself – saying yes to healthy choices and relationships and no to unhealthy choices and toxic relationships; recognizing when you give the power of your life away to another.

  • Codependent behaviors-essentially being under responsible for yourself and over responsible for others.

  • Depression

  • Grief and unresolved pain from loss (all types of losses, past and present)

  • Relational Abuse victim of Domestic Violence-DV, Intimate Partner Violence-IPV, Family Abuse, Workplace Abuse, Clergy Abuse

  • Spiritual questions & confusion about authority and submission, women in church leadership, and an overall curiosity about your relationship with the Triune God.

  • Trauma – recovering, healing, growing and becoming resilient



Initial Therapy Session                            $230.00         75-90 minutes

Individual Therapy Session                     $150.00         50-60 minutes

Individual Therapy Session                     $230.00         60-90 minutes

Relational Abuse Safety Planning           $230.00         60-90 minutes







Connection Workshops and Groups for Women


God has wired all of us to need connective, safe community.  And while I understand how frightening it is to risk being vulnerable, not just with me but also with others, I also know authentically sharing your pain in a safe therapeutic relationship AND having a safe supportive community is needed to sustain you on your healing journey. So together, we will assess your safe, unsafe, and potentially abusive relationships in your life so you can build your own connecting community. 


I also offer Connection Workshops for Women and invite those who attend to consider creating a Connective Support Group. Connection Workshops are typically on Saturday mornings.  During this event, I invite women to create their own support group among the women who have attended and will offer my support to launch their Connection Support Group.

The cost for these events varies.


Speaker at Women’s Gatherings

Please review both pages of my Speaker Sheet.


Pdf page 1       Pdf page 2


My speaker fees vary.


If interested in these services…

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